Artwork Requirements

To ensure accurate reproduction of your artwork, please follow these guidelines when submitting electronic files to Banners and Mash.

Digital Printing: Graphics must be in Vector Format

To recognise if your graphics are in vector format, zoom in on the image. If the quality remains crisp and sharp then it is a vector image.


If the image is made of little boxes (called Pixels) when you zoom in, then it is a Raster Image.


Vector Images are still the best format for digital prints as they can be enlarged or reduced without any loss of quality.


If forwarding bitmap images, these should be at least 72 dpi at the full output size of the print, eg. if the file to be printed is 1800 x 1200 it has to be at least 72 dpi at that size.


A higher resolution such as 150 dpi or even 300 dpi will produce a better quality image.

What if the graphics are not vectorised?: We can redraw raster images as vector images within 24 hours. An electronic example of the image must be supplied (eg Jpg, Tif, PDF) and all PMS colours and fonts specified.


Acceptable Media: We require PC format graphics – not Mac


Fonts: All text must be converted to outlines