What is the delivery timeframe for your products?

Our delivery timeframe for most products is 10 – 15 days from artwork approval, however, this may depend on the product and the quantity ordered.  If the product is required for a specific date, please contact us to confirm that we can meet the date.  In some cases and with some products we can deliver much quicker than the 10 – 15 day standard delivery timeframe.


What’s the difference between a single sided wing/tear drop banner or a double sided one?

A single sided wing or tear drop banner is dye sublimated on 1 piece of 110gsm knitted polyester, so the image on the back side is a reverse image, whereas a double sided banner consists of 2 pieces of 110gsm knitted polyester, sewn together with a block out in-between to avoid show through of the image on the other side.  The advantage with double sided banners is that the artwork appears in the correct orientation from both sides.


Can I print different artwork to both sides of the tension fabric display sleeves?

Yes, for all tension fabric displays except for the snake shape and the U-shape.


If I am ordering banners and I require more than 1 design, is there an additional charge for this?

We will honour the total quantity price regardless of the number of designs


Do wing and tear drop banners come with a base and carry bag?

The standard base supplied with a wing or tear drop banner is a spiky base for soft ground, however, other bases (eg. for hard ground or attaching to a wall etc.) are available and can be supplied in addition to a spiky base or instead of a spiky base.


Can I have a different design printed on each side of a double sided banner?

There is no additional charge for this.


What’s the main difference between the light weight pull up banner and the premium pull up banners?

The light weight pull up banner has a smaller, lighter base with fold out feet – it weights approximately 3kgs.  The premium pull up banner base is bigger and more sturdy, and weighs approximately 6kgs.  The mechanism inside both base types is excellent quality.


What is the difference between the polyester table covers and the stretch fabric table covers?

The stretch fabric table covers (200gsm stretch polyester fabric) are designed to fit a specific size table (2 sizes available – for a 6 foot table or an 8 foot table).  These sizes are standard and can not be altered.  We can also produce a fitted style table cover from knitted polyester (240 gsm knitted polyester), and this can be produced to your exact size requirements.  In addition to this, we can produce the 240gsm knitted polyester table cover as a drape style table cover that hangs loosely over the table.  This is the recommended option as it can be used on tables of varying sizes.


Do you charge a per colour set up fee for banners and promotional products?

The only banner product that has a set up fee is hand held pull out banners.  Most promotional products, however, do attract a per colour/position set up fee.  Should you require assistance with the artwork set up for your banner or promotional product, our design team are always happy to assist.


If I pay by credit card is there a fee – and what cards do you accept?

We charge a 2% surcharge for credit card payments.  We accept Visa and MasterCard only.  Payments can also be made by EFT or cheque (no fee applies)